My Awards
Name Description Award
The first step Watched 100 anime. Congratulations, you broke the magical number. Take a breath now, it will only get more difficult. The first step
Casual watcher Watched 200 anime. You're used to seeing character's eyes bigger than their nose. If they have any nose. Casual watcher
A millionaire Watched 300 anime. You DID buy all of them, right? A millionaire
Bragging rights Watched 400 anime. That's... a lot. You can be proud of yourself, that's for sure. Bragging rights
A lot of free time Watched 500 anime. Now pause, take a breath and stretch a bit. Remember not to sit too close to the screen. A lot of free time
I watch anime only for the plot... Be at least 40% pervert. It's not your fault that there is so much fan service... Right? There's a formula: 100 ÷ anime completed × (ecchi anime completed × 2 + hentai anime completed × 4) I watch anime only for the plot...
Cassette tape Watched 50 Classics anime (finished between 1981 and 2000).. The first time you watched these, you didn't even know what they were. Cassette tape
Feels... weird, man Watched Boku no Pico. This is what you get when you follow /a/'s recommendations. Feels... weird, man
Knockout! Watched 50 Sport anime. You've held your own in the ring, time to go all the way. Knockout!
Normal high school boy Watched 50 Slice of Life anime. Got started into the furious ride with slice-of-life anime. Normal high school boy
Stalker Watched 50 Romance anime. I'll stalk you so hard you won't notice me for 24 episodes. Why don't you love me yet? Stalker
Growing suspicions Watched 50 Mystery anime. It's suspicious because nothing looks suspicious, and if it looks suspicious from the start it's obviously suspicious. Growing suspicions
Paranoia fuel Watched 50 Horror anime. It's not like you needed to sleep tonight, anyway. Paranoia fuel
History class Watched 50 Historical anime. History doesn't have to be boring. There's a lot to learn. History class
What exactly did I just watch? Watched 50 Psychological anime. You discovered a whole new world of weird. Keep on watching. What exactly did I just watch?
No drop 50+ completed, zero dropped. You've managed to survive watching so many anime without dropping any of them. You masochist. No drop
Grand Pantsu Award This award is for users who have contributed greatly to the forum Grand Pantsu Award
Loli User displays symptoms of being a loli Loli
Yen Hoarder Award can be bought for 5000 Yen Yen Hoarder
Donator's Award Thank you for donating. Donator's Award
Santa Hat Christmas Event. Santa Hat
Jack-O-Lantern Halloween event. Jack-O-Lantern
Bunny Easter event. Bunny
Love Valentines event. Love
YouTube Award Can be earned by advertising the forum via YouTube YouTube Award
Member of the Month Member of the Month 2017 Member of the Month
Instagram You must give a shout-out to the forum on Instagram. (10+ followers needed) Instagram
Facebook You must give a shout-out to the forum on Facebook. (10+ followers/friends needed) Facebook
Twitter You must give a shout-out to the forum on Twitter. (10+ followers needed) Twitter