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Thread Contributor: SkullCandyyBible Black
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Damn, this shit might be a little old at this point but it's actually pretty good. It has some weird shit and sometimes it has gore scenes which can kind of be a boner killer but for the most part it's got a pretty good premise and can actually be watched as just an anime with a centralised sex theme. As an anime I would give it like a 7/10 (which is fucking good for a Hentai), as a Hentai I give it like a 9.5/10 - it has pretty good elements in it, the MC fucks all sorts of girls and it has every type of girl and honestly every type of fetish in there. After you're done with yourself you can just watch and finish the episode asnd enjoy it, it's not some amazing anime but the story is pretty solid and is usually hailed as the best hentai of all time.

Give it a watch; I'll link the MAL and also the website to watch it on! You can get it on kisshentai I believe too - which I didn't even know was a thing until now tbh.

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is there lolis
(09-08-2017, 10:53 PM)oscast Wrote: is there lolis

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Just a special little announcement - Agra is member of the month so give him lots of love Heart - Skully
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I gotta rewatch this
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