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Thread Contributor: YuiNews 'Aria' Anime Franchise Gets English Dub
[Image: 1504908133-c32b83bc60d60f863e2b9a1359c18820.jpeg]A Kickstarter campaign launched by Right Stuf Inc.'s publishing division Nozomi Entertainment has announced that it will dub the entire Aria anime franchise, which includes the three original TV anime seasons, the OVA, and the sequel Aria The Avvenire (pictured). The campaign's initial goal was $110,000 USD, but has since raised over $486,000 USD with help of additional stretch goals. The dub will be produced by the New York based Headline Studios and will be lead by Joe Digiorgi (Boogiepop Phantom). Michelle Knotz, Veronica Taylor, Carol Jacobanis, and Lisa Ortiz will be featured in the dub, with their respective roles to be announced at a later date. The campaign will end on September 11.

The original slice of life series, penned by Kozue Amano, began its serialization in the monthly Stencil magazine in January 2001. The series later received a new serialization under Mag Garden's monthly Comic Blade label in February 2002, where it ran for 67 chapters and was collected into 12 compiled volumes. Junichi Satou adapted the manga into three TV series in Fall 2005, Spring 2006, and Winter 2008, respectively, all produced by Hal Film Maker. The series has also received an OVA adaptation and two special episodes. It later received a sequel, titled Aria the Avvenire, which premiered on September 26, 2015 and was produced by TYO Animations.

Source: Kickstarter page
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